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An arts exhibition … To celebrate Coventry’s bid for the City of Culture in 2017 the University of Warwick and Fargo village are bringing artists and academics together. We are creating an exhibition of local artists work. The exhibition will invite applications from 17 artists (from all mediums and crafts) and 17 PhD students at the University of Warwick. The artists will create pieces based on the research ideas of PhD students from the University of Warwick.

Why take part in this arts exhibition?

This exciting exhibition is a chance to bring people together with the aim of closing the art-science divide. It opens the academic world to the community, from an internationally diverse set of students and subjects.

It is also a different way of communicating research in a creative way. Thus demythicizing the idea that research outputs from theoretical to practical cannot be communicated to everyone. Knowledge, like art, should be accessible to all.

Let’s make art!

The resulting artistic creations will be displayed alongside short paragraphs describing the PhD inspirations. Visitors will be offered the chance to purchase the artists’ work thereby supporting local art and culture.

Are you an artist who would like to promote your work? Would you be up to the challenge of creating a piece of art inspired by student work at the University of Warwick? If the answers to those questions are yes then we would love to hear from you.

The plan

We are planning an exhibition at Fargo Village, Coventry, to display the work of local artists inspired by research. Open to all mediums and crafts. There is the opportunity not just to be creative and promote yourself but to sell your work at the exhibition.
A commitment is required for producing work for the exhibition. At least one initial meeting/contact with a research student will take place. I am currently in the process of raising funds, hopefully for £100 to £200 materials/supplies for each artist. This money is not guaranteed I will update this blog if that changes.
Deadline extended: 31st August 2016. To express your interest please send a short summary about yourself, along with a note of your preferred medium/craft. Also send your name and contact information to, or Emma Parfitt, C/O Sociology Department, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL. Pictures of your previous work would be appreciated.

We look forward to hearing from you.



If you are a research student would you like the chance for your PhD thesis to inspire a piece of art? No experience required. This is an opportunity to engage non-academics with your work, open to all PhD students from first to final year.
Commitment required: You should be prepared to talk about your work in lay person’s terms to an artist, and we also hope you can attend the final exhibition.
So, to express your interest please send a short summary of your research, along with your name and contact information by the 30th of June to clearly stating your department.

Emma Parfitt has submitted her PhD in oral storytelling at Warwick University and has been awarded an IAS Early Careers Fellowship, and an IATL strategic grant to do research with previous participants of Acting Out, a Belgrade Theatre storytelling project. If you have done any drama work with the Belgrade more information can be found here about their work.

This event is being supported by Fargo Village and funded by The Culture, Media and Creativity fund, Sociology Department, University of Warwick, and the generous donations from Warwick Alumni.

Who is Emma?

As an introvert haunting the corners of storytelling festivals, it’s incredibly difficult to track Emma down. She’s best known for writing Scottish fiction about working-class women and communities and their misrepresented lives.You can find her recent book A Friendship of Thistles here.

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Emma Parfitt

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Anonymous · 1 July 2016 at 7 h 44 min

This is a great idea. My research is on men, masculinity and dementia. I'd love to be involved and explain my research to an artist.

Best wishes,

Unknown · 4 August 2016 at 17 h 19 min

Sounds interesting! I'm already involved in a collaboration with a PhD student, but have a personal interest in this sort of thing. Feminism gets discussed a lot, but masculinity less so.


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