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Emma Parfitt: Proofreader and academic author providing a professional proofreading service.

Background in literature

Since childhood I’ve loved stories. Putting pen to paper, words used to be (before I knew better) those annoying things to spell that got in the way of a good story! Later, a deeper understanding of spelling, punctuation and grammar grew when Professor Douglas Dunn taught me the necessity of the English language’s building blocks when writing literature. From my perspective, the things I love most in life are reading, writing and storytelling. My love of narrative opened worlds of experience to me, and led me to writing: which led me to helping other people craft and improve their prose.

Emma Parfitt is the author of several books

I’m proud to have published Young people, learning & storytelling in Palgrave MacMillan’s alternative education series, along with the following literature: A Gypsy's Curse (historical fiction with a fairytale twist), Seascape (contemporary fairy tales based on storytelling research), Shattered Roses (a Beauty and the Beast retelling), Wee Stories (some entertaining tales for children) and Temptation & Mozzarella (a Scottish-based comedy). You'll find them listed under E.L. Parfitt instead of Emma Parfitt. I have also helped other authors reach their publishing goals, for example, I typo-checked for the script of Miss Darcy’s Beaux for author Eliza Shearer. More listed on the ebook page

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Native English speaker

If English is not your first language, I can help organise and improve your English with editing and proofreading so that the final document reads as if it was written by a native-English speaker. I’m a highly educated English-native speaker (PhD level) with experience of alternative education, corporate finance, English literature, life sciences, sociology and politics, and creative writing. If you work in a particular subject area and want to know if I’ve proofread in that field before please don’t hesitate to ask. I largely provide PhD thesis proofreading services, but you'll also find me reading master's dissertations, essays, reports and other business documents alongside doctoral theses.

UK & US language competency

My time conducting research with the Institute of Advanced Study (IAS) and the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning (IATL) at the University of Warwick taught me writing skills related to publishing academic papers and books, and the differences between US and UK English. I spent additional time working within the educational department at The University of Minnesota Twin Cities, and the storytelling charity Neighborhood Bridges (based in Minneapolis). I am also an intermediate French speaker (B1).


Thank you for the amazing contribution you made to my PhD. Once again thanks for your efforts I really appreciate your hard work. I would be happy to chat to any potential client to tell them how good your service is. On that note, I contacted Emma because I was looking for a proof-reader up for a challenge. We had a chat, and the work was completed with a personal touch. Emma was always available to answer queries about her proofing. Took the time to explain things to me and offered encouragement. I must stop there before adding perfuse compliments.
Steve Birks biologist

Steve Birks

PhD researcher, University of Warwick
I would recommend Emma, who did a really good job, and I really appreciate her assistance. I have recommended her to my Chinese friends and other PhD colleagues as well. I am sure I will definitely find her again for proofreading because I will work in a research centre in the future.
Peiqi Deng Sociologist

Peiqi Deng

PhD Researcher, University of Warwick

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