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My proofreading services are recommended

The recommendations I’ve received from many satisfied PhD students, researchers, independent authors and business professionals are affirmation of the quality of the service that I provide, and the trust that previous clients have placed in me.

A native-English speaker with an extensive portfolio​

By getting your writing edited and proofread by a highly-educated native-English speaker (biology degree, creative writing master's, sociology PhD), with an extensive portfolio, your documents, reports and communications will be clearly written in fluent, perfect English. Nine years in administration, five years in research and twenty-four years of publishing experience furnished me with an ability to work to brief and to deadline.

Trust people, not automatic proofreading software

Proofreading programs such as Grammarly and AI have many drawbacks: they cannot replace a person for context, tone, or rhythm in written text. In addition, they cannot check for: incorrect dates, names, or proper nouns, inadequate word usage and style tailored towards a specific audience. Without the background knowledge to support correct word usage, terminology and grammar, a person using such software can’t match the efficiency of a qualified proofreader.

Proofreading / proof-reading

Thesis need proofreading? I love helping people craft great writing. Clear and targeted writing has an associated benefit for sales, blog readership, client interactions, customer retention, job and funding applications; all because of better grammar.

What documents do I proofread? Every document! Emails, blog posts, proposals, presentations, website content, advertising and marketing messages, journal articles, theses, essays, dissertations and just about anything else you can think of.

You might be familiar with the terms: proofreading, copywriting and copy-editing (copyediting in some dictionaries). But if not, here’s a handy summary:

If you’re looking for a quality-check and tidy up consider proofreading. This covers typos, spelling and grammar issues, but also consistency in word usage, headings, images and figures.

Copywriting & copy-editing

If you’re looking to write/improve/rewrite the way something is written (without reformatting the layout) consider copywriting (which the Oxford Dictionary spells as one word, contrary to copy-editing!). I’ve helped people improve the final version of their websites, organisational business reports, journal papers and more. Well-written copy will capture attention, and make your ideas stand out for the right reasons.

If you’re looking to structurally or grammatically overhaul a document (changing the wording or the format) then you need copy-editing which picks up mistakes, ambiguities and anomalies, to alert the client to possible legal/plagiarism problems and analyses document structure for typesetters/designers. Copy-editing polishes a document by identifying problems such as page set-up, spacing and fonts, headings and page numbering, cutting unwanted formatting, yet, like proofreading, also corrects errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, style and usage. Useful for authors, copy-editing fixes very long sentences and formatting issues like the overuse of italics, bold, CAPITALS, and exclamation marks!!!! If you are an author that needs fact checking this level of proofreading is for you: to remove inconsistencies, correct or query doubtful facts, weak arguments and plot holes.

Please get in touch to have a chat about how I can help with your writing project.

About me

Demonstrated experience in proofreading, authorship & writing

Proofreader and academic author

I love helping people craft great writing. Clear and targeted writing has an associated benefit for sales, blog readership, client interactions, customer retention, job and funding applications; all because of better grammar.

What my clients say

"... serious, professional, super fast and qualitatively great proof-reading!"

E-commerce client

Matthieu Hamel

Ceo, le petit cordon, laillé, france

Emma perfectly corrected my e-Commerce site in English. She got involved and didn’t hesitate to ask questions when a service or functionality on the site was unclear. I will not hesitate to appeal to her in the future. I recommend it!

Carli proofreading

Carli Carli-Ria Rowell


There were an amalgamation of factors as to why, nearing the end of my PhD, I just didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to sit down and proof read my thesis. So I asked Emma for help. We worked out a budget and then, in super quick time she formatted the thesis, compiled my bibliography and helped to proofread three chapters. Emma was always contactable when I had some last-minute amendments or questions (she even formatted my PhD from word to PDF for me!). All in all, Emma provided an amazing service that far surpassed the formalities of proofing. Her calm words of encouragement came as an added bonus, I would have melted numerous times in the run up to printing and submitting my thesis were it not for the service and support given.


Eri Tsukamoto

phd student, university of warwick

I totally recommend Emma’s proofreading service to anyone. My thesis looked much better after her proofreading! Her comments were detailed and very helpful to improve my writing.

Valeria_Bizzari2 proofreading

Valeria Bizzari


Emma’s service is incredible! She helped me a lot with my work and I totally recommend her to everybody is looking for a serious, professional, super fast and qualitatively great proof-reading! Thank you, Emma, I was very lucky to find you!


Hany Beshr

sgsah doctoral internship, university of glasgow

Emma is a very good proofreader and copy-editor. I have worked with her a couple of times and she is fast, professional and very nice person. She also understands academic writing style very well.

Reva Yunus PhD Researcher proofreading

Reva Yunus


Emma worked in a time-bound manner and provided detailed and relevant feedback on my chapters. Her attention to detail was amazing throughout. Emma offered ideas for alternate terminology and paragraph/sentence structure to improve the text and make it read better. She meticulously pointed out all the terms/expressions with which my external – a British scholar – might also not be familiar with.
Finally, since she is a published author and herself has a doctorate, I was delighted when she wrote encouraging and appreciate remarks on my research and writing! It really helped my confidence close to my submission deadline to know that she enjoyed reading my thesis. I am very happy to recommend her to others who need theses or journal articles proofread.

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