Okay so this is going off subject from my usual posts. But I just saw this awesome Ted presentation about conductive inks by Dr Kate Stone.
Dr Stone’s talk blew me away, I got chills. This is what I want to do with an idea I am currently working on! I just created a rough ‘graphic novel thing’ called Raven’s Heart. I would love to make it interactive. Imagine a black background with almost ‘psychadelic’ text and pictures in white and red. The idea surrounding Raven’s Heart was to make the reader interact more with the text to view the story. 
Here is an example…
Now I’m no graphics expert. So if there is anyone out there who is, and therefore can improve on my idea, or if anyone is able to make my dream of creating an interactive book on conductive ink paper come to life please get in touch. I am very very excited about this technology and its creative potential for ‘digital’ novels.

Emma Parfitt

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