What business documents can I help you with?

Proper grammatical usage for business documents ensures that key points travel effortlessly to the reader’s mind.

Emma Parfitt copyediting copywriting

My catchphrase is “helping people to craft great writing”. I’m here to refine your business documents to look professional.

Web content

Are you a business seeking a trustworthy writer to polish and edit content for a website? Online content must be engaging so that business owners can attract the right target market. For this, I offer proofreading and copyediting services to ensure that a company’s message resonates with their target audience. When writing, many people focus on ‘what am I trying to say?’ rather than ‘how should I say it?’. While the content of written text is important, we must remember that proper grammatical usage ensures that key points travel effortlessly from the author’s to the reader’s mind.

Professional documents

As well as editing the presentation and structure of a document (to ensure a clear, precise brochure or report) I can revise the writing style and spot redundancies. Perhaps several people have suggested edits on the same business document, creating inconsistency through different punctuation, word preferences and style. I can edit and rewrite your professional document to ensure consistency alongside the right level of repetition. Repetition is often unnecessary in shorter pieces, yet necessary in lengthier documents to prevent the reader from having to constantly refer back to previous sections. For instance, we’ve all been faced with a confusing instruction manual where the right words have been misplaced or used incorrectly

Marketing & advertising

I’m able to assist in the creation of all marketing and advertising copy: from websites, blog posts and English-translation checking on packaging, to finalising a questionnaire or survey during testing or developmental stages. I provide a translation-checking service for many forms of communications text, including product packaging checks for wording, spelling and punctuation errors.

Former clients

"If several people have suggested edits on the same business document, I can edit and rewrite your professional document to ensure consistency alongside the right level of repetition."

Need a last minute check?

A final, last-minute check by a native-English speaker spots mistakes that could undervalue a company’s products and/or services. Small grammatical wording mistakes can obstruct interpretation, as well as the proliferation of the text on social media. Readers who are especially fastidious about grammar won’t spread a marketing web page/article/post/blog plagued with grammatical errors and mistakes. On the contrary, mockery related to the misuse of grammar can damage a company’s reputation for international companies selling products abroad. Bad examples are common, and sub-standard writing can cost a company sales.


"Emma perfectly corrected my e-Commerce site in English. She got involved and didn't hesitate to ask questions when a service or functionality on the site was unclear. I will not hesitate to appeal to her in the future. I recommend it!"

E-commerce client
Matthieu Hamel
CEO, Le Petit Cordon
"I appealed to Emma Parfitt for the correction and editing of posts that I publish for my blog and as part of the marketing of my company. The fact that Emma is a native-British speaker played into my decision to work with her. I appreciated the quality of her work, her speed and punctuality. She took into account the needs of my customers, but also suggested some modifications rather than imposing them. My documents were already correctly written before submitting them to Emma, but they were greatly improved through her editing, especially in terms of style. For these reasons, I will continue to work for Emma in the future and recommend her without hesitation."
Business editing client
Morgan David
CEO, Analytica
basic proofreading package

Customisable business price ranges

price ranges business clients

Quotations tailored to your needs, dependent on the complexity of the document, your time frame and what level of proofing is required.

Website editing

  • Corporate blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Web copy
  • Sales copy
  • Ad copy


Any text that has been translated into English which needs a final check for grammar and punctuation. 

  • Documents
  • Reports, pamphlets
  • Books
  • Subtitles/scripts
  • Social media posts

Business documents

  • Corporate blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Reports
  • Proposals
  • Business plans
  • Marketing and advertising copy
  • Other business documents

What can I expect?/What is proofreading?

Once I have learnt about your project I will issue a quotation with three pricing options/levels. After a mutual negotiation and you are happy that all your requirements are met I then either commence work right away or, for larger projects, issue a booking form which lays out all the terms and conditions of our contract and request a deposit. The document is then returned to you with tracked changes so that you can see every change (a clean copy can also be provided). And the final invoice is issued.

Why Emma?

I’m here to help with all types of business documents, including annual reports, blogs and emails. I worked for six years in a confidential financial environment, and five in academic research. So as well as being aware of jargon, such as anti-money laundering, and how to professionally edit business-speak, I am knowledgeable regarding confidentiality. I am also an individual offering a more personalised service and, hopefully, a long-term working relationship. So you can be certain that you’re not placing your money into the hands of a faceless company.

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