When I met with Jack Zipes in November 2013 to talk about my research into storytelling he kindly invited me to Minneapolis, US, to work with Neighbourhood Bridges, a charity for underprivileged youth advancement in literacy and communication skills. Neighbourhood Bridges is recognised by the US Government for as a national model for arts education. The catch of course being that I had to raise the money to go.

I was advised and supported in my application to the departments IMPACT fund by my supervisor, Mick Carpenter, Anton Popov and Martin Prince (MYPLACE), and Nickie Charles. This Monday in a meeting with the head of the Sociology department Professor John Solomos I was awarded funding for my trip this coming September.

A big thank you for everyone who gave me advice and support.
This month I also met with Professor Simon Williams, due to his interests in the Sociology of Emotions. He gave me a friendly grilling about my research questions and methodology, it really helped me clarify where I was now positioning myself. And how much reading I have to do in the Sociology of Emotions whenever I get the time between my three part-time jobs and transcription. I returned to the office and rewrote my research questions inline what I have been thinking about this year.
And that was followed by a chat with Martin Price (Director of MYPLACE) about how my storytelling research could help research with people of all ages and political engagement in terms of using storytelling, and what sorts of stories to use, to support people in opening up about political engagement.
Coming soon… a bit of publishing news!

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