The series of books is about seven sisters adopted by the mysterious figure Pa Salt. They don’t know why he adopted them, only he is exceedingly rich and named them after the Pleiades.

Having just read the Seven Sisters book series by Lucinda Riley, I have discovered there is an eighth book!

The publishers and author said you can read them in any order, but I don’t agree with that because each book gives details away from the book before … this in my mind would ruin the reading experience for me. So I am glad I stuck to them in order. I didn’t like them all the same, however.

My list of the books by my favourite sister story

The Missing Sister ­– Mary’s story

The Moon Sister – Tiggy’s story

The Storm Sister – Ali’s story

The Pearl Sister – Cece’s story

The Sun Sister – Electra’s story

The Seven Sisters – Maia’s story

The Shadow Sister – Star’s story

Have you ever noticed that all Lucinda Riley’s books begin with ‘the’?

Book review

There are many books out there about sisters by blood or otherwise (My Brilliant Friend, Elena Ferrante; A Friendship of Thistles, E.L. Parfitt), so what makes this series special?

Firstly, I like that each of the seven books of this series focused on a different sister and you won’t necessarily learn the most about that sister from her own book, but also through the perspective of her other sisters and their relationships.

Secondly, each book picks a different location on Earth and a different historical period. It made for interesting reading, which is one reason why I liked The Pearl Sister so much.

Third, I like that not everything is revealed all at once. The author purposefully held back on explaining why Pa Salt adopted the sisters, and tails are not neatly tied off. AKA: the basement door that is driving me crazy as no one has opened it!

Fourth, I liked the easy writing style. The plot has enough complexity, the language is easy to read, and the pacing is great. And all this while making classic ‘writer mistakes’ such as people saying hello and goodbye. Sometimes these things just work. It’s up to the reader to decide.

I am looking forward to the paperback of the final eighth book (Atlas. The Story of Pa Salt) coming out because I want it to match my other paperback copies on the shelf!

If you are looking for another book to read about sisterhood …


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