This month my task is to clarify my research questions and methods in greater detail. Today I mind mapped all the ideas I had and formed some questions as follows:

Overall research question: Does traditional storytelling have an effect on adolescent emotional aptitude (that is emotional ability)

This then breaks down into a set of sub-questions:

1/ How can we measure if the emotional aptitude of adolescents changes or remains the same in response to storytelling?

2/ What processes may be occurring between the storyteller and the listener that work with or against emotional aptitude? How can these be used in a creative piece?

3/ How can storytelling be compared to reading and writing?

4/ Does storytelling have an effect on social relationships at the individual, group and community level?

Creative piece: As a creative experiment I will refer to the adolescents’ thoughts from this research to inspire short stories with themes of emotional aptitude, blending reality and the fantastical.

The neurologist Oliver Sacks will be at Warwick University as a visiting professor. I hope to talk to him about some of the questions I have. As after reading about some brain processes in EI (Daniel Goleman) the neocortex seems to play an important part in the process of emotional ability.

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