This morning I went to a screening of new ITV drama Love and Marriage followed by a Q&A with writer Stewart Harcourt. Stewart voiced the same advice Professor Douglas Dunn gave me ten years ago at St Andrews—persistence. The ones that turn writing into career are the ones that don’t give up and make it through the hard times. He also talked about connecting on a personal level in one’s work, because what may seem mundane and ordinary to you might be the thing that sells it to somebody else.

Stewart Harcourt’s credits include Hearts and Bones, Treasure Island for Sky, Miss Marple, Jericho, and Peak Practice. There’s a lot going on in the first episode of Love and Marriage when all I really wanted to know about was the central character’s story at the start. However by the end I loved the rich characterisation, casting was superb, and the way in which characters talked to the camera a great touch.

This event was part of Coventry literary festival.

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