Job title: Undergraduate research assistant
Deadline: 12 noon, 29th February
This might be the opportunity for you
Are you an undergraduate first year student in social sciences or humanities?
Would you like research experience on your CV?
Do you need paid work experience?
Overview of the project
The Belgrade Theatre’s ‘bearing witness to marginalised groups’ programme aimed to work with young people from diverse backgrounds. Each group works closely with a trained dramaturg (a crafter of stories for the stage), sharing and shaping experiences into dramatic form. This project offered young people an opportunity to reflect, share, rethink, and transform their stories. Our project is a retrospective study with previous participants of the ‘bearing witness’ programme from 5 to 10 years later.
Vacancy Type/Job category
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Social Sciences – Humanities
£1070.76 (plus holiday pay of £129.24)
Extra for conducting approximately 15 interviews, £360 (which works out at £24 per two hour interview)
University of Warwick and local Coventry area
Paid research experience
Reference provided (subject to performance)
Open to current first year students, at Warwick University, from social sciences or humanities.
No previous work experience or set qualifications required.
Enthusiasm and reliability a must.
Applicants should be willing to learn and able to work with others.
I am looking for two first year undergraduates who are interested in the opportunity of a paid research position. Preferably available through the summer, but will consider term time only
The role involves research-led learning. You will be led through the complete research process including how to conduct qualitative interviews, transcribe interview recordings, analyse qualitative data with Nvivo, presentation and writing skills.
You will be in charge of interviewing and filming, scheduling interviews, recording participants, etc. And get a chance to write a paper and present a case study.
Expect interviews to be weekends and evenings around participant’s schedules.
Time commitment
Interviews are anticipated to commence from the 1st July – 1st October 2016, involving about 10 hours of transcription a week.
There will be training sessions on interviews, transcription, Nvivo software, presentation and writing skills lasting approximately 1-2 hours.
Some assessment will be conducted through the process which will be explained in the interview, this will require keeping a journal of your experiences throughout the project. Data analysis will begin in term 1 (academic year 2016-2017, with an estimated 2 hours a week from November to December 2016).
If interested please email: with a paragraph explaining why you are interested in the post, giving some information about yourself, and what subject you are studying at Warwick.
This post has been funded by the IATL Strategic staff fund

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