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Which one passes the test? Emma or Grammarly?

Perhaps you’ve seen all those Grammarly adverts campaigning to get your attention across every website you visit? Well, annoyed by their constant presence and claims, I decided to test… or we could say compare… Grammarly to my own proofreading and editing service.

Spot the differences in the pictures!

Grammarly e.g.

Grammarly gave five spelling suggestions (probably less efficient than Word) and introduced spacing errors.

Emma suggested multiple improvements towards grammar and syntax.

Emma proofreading

While Grammarly did pick up that there were some spelling mistakes, there its effectiveness ended.

The verdict: If you want to be disappointed and have your business or research writing full of errors then choose Grammarly. At the end of the day it’s not possible to replace a person with a piece of limited software that can’t understand what you are trying to say and correct complex grammar mistakes.

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Researcher’s edited work shared with their kind permission xx 

Emma Parfitt

Proofreader for business and academic documents, translations, and English writing.


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