[view of Minneapolis taken by myself]
Following a proactive approach to Professor Jack Zipes in 2013 I went to Minneapolis in September 2014 to work as an assistant on the Neighbourhood Bridges Program (Bridges), an arts for education charity. During that trip I spoke to Dr Ingram at Minnesota University to ask questions about the way in which the charity assesses its critical literacy targets and talk about some research ideas I had on oral storytelling.

In 2015 Dr Ingram will be analysing data for both Neighbourhood Bridges and Building Bridges—an anti-racism project which uses story to connect people in the community through the reading and discussion of fiction and nonfiction. I was invited me to join her analysis team as a research assistant. I also intend to present my research findings to the faculty.
 Good news, I applied to my department and was successful in being awarded the funding to cover my trip to Minneapolis in the coming year.

This month has also been taken up with research software courses such as SPSS, and a seminar on the 15th on Field Research, Transparency, and Analytic Rigour through Coding which was useful to reframe some of my current thesis ideas and refine future research ideas.

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