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I get it, you don't have time to write and want to engage with other things. Give me a plot and a writing sample for ideal style and I can help by weaving stories that resonate. Every story needs a plot — a protagonist with a goal, an antagonist to provide conflict, and a series of events that create a narrative arc. Yet, fiction should be written as a narrative, showing actions and events rather than just telling or summarising them. I avoid overusing expository prose, which can disengage readers.

Book editing

Crafting compelling content that captivates. For a narrative to captivate its audience, the characters must be portrayed with authenticity and intricacy. They should avoid being flat or clichéd. To truly engage readers, characters require substance, aspirations, and evolution throughout the story. Then there's the nuts and bolts, the grammar and punctuation that holds fiction together. I can seek out awkward phrasing and over exposition (via dialogue for instance). Precise and unambiguous language is crucial for ensuring that the text is easily understood and trusted by readers.

Narrative improvement

Worried about dialogue, pacing, tension, exposition, repetition? As a skilled writer, I expertly polish manuscripts, delivering impeccable results every time. I'm specialised in French to English translations, to make them sound more natural to the English ear. Suggesting different idiomatic expressions, for example, that suit an english audience or work well translated from French to catch that certain je ne sais quoi. Or perhaps you have generated parts of your book by AI and it needs correcting? My work is 100% confidential.

Customer reviews

***** "Emma helped us immensely in proofreading the English translation of a french novel, in record time and with great professionalism and care for the original text. I recommend Emma's seriousness, dedication and kindness; you're in great hands"
***** "I commissioned Emma to do a final proofread for my comic fantasy novel, and I can only concur with the general view that she certainly delivered on her promise. [...] to polish and finalize it for publishing. Emma ensured consistency, updated the vocabulary in places, suggested (e.g. stronger verbs) where there still was room for improvements, rephrased here and there, or came up with multiple alternatives in case a passage didn't quite work. If something was unclear she promptly responded to my questions. She was on time, dedicated and professional, exactly what I needed."
***** "Thank you so much for helping me improve my book before publication. It's been a great ride. I loved the way you have improved the introduction. I hope there will be more collaboration in the future!"
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Novels and Academic books

Are you looking for a fact checker or a proofreader to insure a mistake-free draft, also consistent in spelling, style, and terminology? I have experience of the academic publisher route. In 2018 I published with Palgrave Macmillan (Young People, Learning & Storytelling).

Do you need a first chapter edit?

Are you a writer looking for a first 10,000 words edit, before submitting your book to a book agent or publisher? This may be a more affordable option for you, to get the writing sample and synopsis proofread before sending to an agent or publisher. Thus increasing your chances of them wanting to see more.

Self-published Ebooks

An ebook editor is invaluable. Notably because ebook/e-book sales and the ability to print on demand are on the rise. What an exciting time to be a writer! New technology enables us to be in complete control of our vision without having to compromise with traditional mainstream publishers. However, with Amazon's tough policy on removing books from its sales with typos, and a saturated Ebook market, have your book stand out for the right reasons: your story.
Don't be caught out by reader references saying: great story, shame about the typos, punctuation and grammar. I offer both proofreading and copyediting services.

Big tip: if you are in the drafting stage the book is not ready for proofreading yet. Work on it until you are happy. Then sign up for a service like Scribo and get reader feedback (but do not rely on for proofreading). Then rewrite and come back to me for the final polish. What you will have is a highly improved script ready for the final errors to be removed.

Traditional publishing

I can help with a broad range of genres from children's story proofreading to academic texts on subjects such as biology, sociology, politics and literature. A tidy manuscript is a sign of a professional publishing business. Ensure that your manuscript is in tip-top form with spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting consistency before the final print.

Book agents

If you are looking to hire an external native-English speaker to make final checks before submitting a manuscript to publishers you have found the right place. I have experience with French books translated to English as well as Arabic and Chinese texts.

For these, as an ebook editor, I can offer guidance on capturing English expressions whilst retaining the flavour of the book's original language.

Google Business reviews

If you are looking for an ebook editor you can trust, this is the right place. Please get in touch. I’m an actual person, not a robot or software proofing your work. I can provide feedback on the structural side, or a proofread to the level and budget you need.


Amazon Ebook publishing


“If an e-book only contains a few spelling mistakes, but is still readable, a simple warning message will appear on the details page of that specific title. It will make the average book buyer aware that there are some issues. If the book has bad formatting issues, and basically renders it unreadable Amazon will suppress it and the book listing will be removed.”

"I hired Emma to proofread my book Travelling While Black. I have to say I'm impressed. She did an amazing job! It really feels like it was written by a native-English speaker! The sentences were just above average, and thanks to Emma, they're now excellent! Thank you very much!"
Travelling while black
Rooben Fils
Travelling While Black