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Academics & students… at what point does a student become an academic? It’s a long discourse. You might get the feeling you’re a “real” academic form the moment you walk in the door, or when you start reading out of your subject area. Or when worrying over publications, impact values and grant writing. There don’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Worry not, get in touch for some writing support.

What academic documents can I help you with?


Up to 80,000 words

£2000/4 weeks
  • Includes detailed grammar & clarity
  • Plus improved word choice
  • Also re-structuring suggestions


Student essays and dissertations are important. As a result, I am here to assist native-speakers and scholars with spelling, typos and catching common grammar errors to ensure your essay or dissertation is in clear and precise academic language. For non-native speakers I understand that it’s hard enough writing an MA dissertation or essay that accounts for the majority of your grade/mark without doing it in another language! In addition, I help international, learned students with their essays and dissertations by checking for issues with syntax and style, to make sure that their essay is understandable to native-English speakers.


In addition to essay proofreading I copyedit research reports. With that deadline looming for a large research report or funding proposal it’s time to relax and let someone else ensure the final details are correct. As a prior academic I understand the constraints of word counts and deadlines. In a research report or governmental paper a high-level of accuracy must be balanced with clear, concise language; no references must be missing; plus ideas and vocabulary in the report must be precise and audience specific – in other words reader-friendly.s

Students & Academics Theses

Are you a master’s or PhD researcher/student needing final checks before submitting your dissertation or thesis? I’m here to help proofread theses for errors in spelling, punctuation, intellectual word usage and grammar. My PhD thesis proofreading includes:

* Spell checking & typos. * Detailed grammar checking (sentence reformulation). * Highlighting where the meaning is unclear, vague, or non-academic. *Consistency of existing in-text references. *Improved word choice to improve flow, such as incorrect tenses verbs, adjectives, pronouns duplication of words.

“It’s hard enough writing an MA dissertation or essay that accounts for the majority of your grade/mark without doing it in another language!”

Former clients

Students & Academics Journal Articles

A frequent comment my clients hear when trying to publish in UK and US academic journals/periodicals is that the grammar and syntax of a paper needs to be checked and corrected by a native-English speaker. Looking for paper proofreading? That’s where I can help. I have experience proofreading journal articles for US and UK spelling and grammar, missing references, typos, as well as suggesting improvements to better tailor your article to the target journal. Many journals suggest pre-submission English-language editing in their author guidelines prior to submission:

Authors for whom English is a second language should have their manuscript corrected by a native English speaker prior to submission where necessary. Alternatively, authors may wish to consider having their manuscript professionally edited before submission to improve the English.

(Journal of Applied Ecology)

Job & Funding Applications

The academic and research job market has never been so competitive. Perfecting your cover letter and CV/resume, or getting that book proposal accepted, can make all the difference between being invited for an interview or being rejected in your chosen occupation. Statements of intent and research application forms are important to secure funding proposals and advance in your chosen research or academic career. Having conducted research, written a successful book proposal to Macmillan, and successfully obtained funding and fellowships I understand the tight restrictions on word or character limits, where there is no space for error. As an experienced professional I am familiar with academic tricks and tips to improve your CV/resume, university application, cover letter, and funding application to help you secure that PhD, post-doc, fellowship or permanent research position. Please contact me to find out about my proofreading services for CVs and cover letters.

Academic & student price ranges

Customisable price ranges suited to your writing ability, timescale and budget. Here you can calculate a rough PhD thesis proofreading price.

Thesis and academic proofreading fees and prices

Academic documents

  • Reports 
  • Promotional applications
  • Academic journal articles
  • Research proposals
  • Other academic documents

Student documents

  • Essays and dissertations
  • Theses
  • Research reports and proposals
  • CVs and cover letters
  • Social media profiles
  • Other student documents

If you are looking for ‘proofreading University of Edinburgh’, ‘proofreading University of Warwick’, or ‘proofreading University of Glasgow’, then you are in the right place!


Emma did an excellent proofreading of our article. As non-native English speakers, my co-authors and me wrote some paragraphs that were not perfectly clear to native English speakers. Emma rendered much clearer, with a nice English style! Her work is fast, thorough and accurate at the same time: even the typos in the bibliography were spotted! A great help to improve the impact of our paper.
Christophe Bousquet, PhD researcher, Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès

Christophe Bousquet

PhD researcher, Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès

As a non-native English speaker, I wanted to benefit from a reviewing of a scientific article. I am very satisfied with this editing service and find the manuscript much improved. Emma added a lot of comments and suggestions (alongside grammatical and lexical corrections) which helped to improve the readability of the text without altering its scientific meaning. The processing of the order was very fast (a few days before sending back the reviewed manuscript). Therefore, I recommend this serious editing service.
Corentin Iltis, Université de Bourgogne

Corentin Iltis

PhD Researcher, Université de Bourgogne

MY PAPER GOT ACCEPTED!!!!! Whoop!!!!!! I am so excited and wanted to let you know, and thank you for proofreading it for me. Excellent proof reading service from Emma. Quick and efficient and takes time to understand the subject matter. Speedy response to emails and fully understands deadlines. I would not hesitate to recommend Emma as she offers a personal and professional service.
Debra Bassett PhD Researcher

Debra Bassett

PhD Researcher, University of Warwick